Arizona Visit Concluded

Jean Borgeson returned home from a month’s visit with her daughter and family in Chandler, AZ.  The kids are growing and participating in T-Ball.  The last week there were games or practices every evening.  It makes for a very busy household to get everyone ready on time.  The weather was not so bad when arriving home.  Saturday afternoon was enjoyable taking some prom pictures in front of the courthouse.  Such nice young people and the boys were very tolerant during the picture session for their mothers. Graduation is upon us and soon after, a wedding.    I’m sure there will be more pictures taken!

Speaking of weddings, I had never been in a bridal shop as big as the one where we took the girls to get their dresses.  When they saw all the mirrors and other glittery stuff, you couldn’t contain their excitement.  There were lots of mothers, brides and little girls, some so excited and some protesting loudly.  What an experience!  After a lot of posing in front of the mirrors and trying to contain their excitement with the incentive of a Happy Meal, we were out of there within an hour.  I was tired and all I had to do was keep one in sight so she wouldn’t go into someone else’s dressing room!