Nathanael Greene Hosts Lions Club Meeting

    Nathanael Greene (Roger Aegeter), namesake for Greene County, arrived in his Revolutionary War uniform at the June 1, 2017 meeting of Rippey Lions Club. He shared about his early life in Rhode Island,his friendship with George Washington, and life after the war. He told the group that he was familiar with military strategy and was a key advisor to Gen.Washington and was helpful in the Colonial Army’s successful fight against the British Army. Following the Revolutionary War, he was granted a plantation and a vast amount of land in the Carolinas where he lived with his family until his death in his 40’s.
      Prior to Gen. Greene’s arrival, the Lions Club and guests enjoyed a potluck meal. .A tree will be planted later to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lions Clubs and a plaque will be placed near the tree. Other work will include finding a location for play equipment and finishing work at Osborn Park. The Lions Club will host a free community picnic on Saturday, July 9th. Members were reminded of the Town and County Band Concert on Saturday, June 24 in the evening on the Library lawn sponsored by the Friends of Rippey to help raise money for renovation and other work in and around the Rippey Ball Park. Also on July 15, there will be a baseball game between even and odd numbered East Greene High School Classes. After a summer break, the next regular meeting will be on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. at the Rippey United Methodists. Guests are always welcome.