Rippey Alumni Party, May 27, 2017

            The annual meeting of the Rippey Consolidated School was held on May 27, 2017 in the Rippey United Methodist Church.
             The meal was served at noon and afterwards, the group retired to the sanctuary for the meeting. President, Verdina Hastings presided.
            The Praise Power Trio, consisting of Mary Ann Hick, Meladee Graven, and Brenda Roberts , sang a few songs.  They were asked to introduce themselves and tell about their connection to the Rippey School.  Mary Ann was raised on a farm west of Rippey and is the daughter of Paul Bardole, who graduated in 1930.  Meladee indicated she graduated from East Greene in 1975. She lived in Rippey for a time, and her aunt Kaye Rhoades Linger was a graduate of 1953.  Brenda is the daughter-in-law of Phil and Toni Roberts and is the wife of their son,Chris.
            Mary Ann, on behalf of the church, thanked the group for the honor of serving the meal every year.  This year’s proceeds will help send some kids to church camp.
          Verdina welcomed the graduates and their guests. She thanked Jean Borgeson, Mary Ann Miller, Shirley Linn and Gail Monthei for helping stuff, seal and stamp the letters, and otherwise helping whenever asked.
          She especially thanked Kevin Hick, Chief Cook, and his kitchen crew for the wonderful meal, consisting of Italian chicken breasts, cheesy potatoes, and green beans.  The pies were furnished by Verdina, from her favorite pie maker. The crew consisted of Mary Hick, Dick and Jo Bardole, Dale and Nancy Hanaman, Rick and Mary Liebich, and Connie Neese.
            The tables were decorated by Maralynn Rinker and she was helped by Jean Borgeson and Jo Bardole.  Rick and Mary Liebich set the tables up the night before.
            Beverly Derry and Marilyn Millard greeted the visitors and took care of the money for the day.
            Verdina began the roll of graduates by honoring the oldest graduates.  Mary Dugan, who graduated in 1934, and Eleanor (Lofstedt) Whiton, who graduated in 1938.  Mary lives in Des Moines and her nephews and niece, Jerry, John, and Rita Luther brought her. Mary is 100 years old!  Eleanor lives in Perry and will be 96 in August..
The other classes represented were:
1943 – John May
1946 – Doris (Grow) Brown, Kathleen(Andrews) Linn, and Jean (Nation) Fountain
1949 — Vernon Fritz
1948 – LaVere Derry
1950 — Duane Harris
1953 – Marilyn (Radebaugh) Bordenaro,Valerie (Heater) Ogren and Keith Riley
1954 – Beverly (Todd) Derry and Phillis(Burrell) Johnson
1956 – Marilyn (Hiddleson) Pentico, Marilyn (Todd) Millard, Janice (Burk) Squires,Shirley (Minor) Linn, Dick Young, Russell Weaver,  and Cappie (Drake) Tucker.
1957 – Phil Roberts, Darlene (Mount)Johnson, and  Bill Fouch.
1958 – Larry Johnson, Gail Monthei, and Verdina (Odin) Hastings.
1959 – Dan Acton, John Bardole, Shielah (Rhoades) Sjeklocha, Lynn Wilson, andMary Ann (Young) Miller
1960 – Susan (Fouch) Watson and Mary (Fry) Liebick
1961 – Norman Devilbiss, Dick and Janice (McCurdy Schlichit
            Verdina then honored the 60 year members and a letter of response from Phil Roberts was read.
        A collection was held to defray the expenses for the day.
            The floor was open for election of officers for next year. There being no nominations, the meeting was adjourned in hopes that someone would come forward to preside next year.  On Sunday, May 29, Mary (Fry) Liebich graciously agreed to reside over the Rippey Alumni Party in2018.
            The group retired to the Fellowship Hall for cookies, beverages and more visiting.  (some who visited until they had to go to Grand Junction to be a part of the festivities there)  Russ Sjeklocha was in the 60 year class.
Guests who signed in, numbered 23.  It was a great day to visit with old friends.