Rippey Public Library


Rippey Lions Club


Rippey United Methodist Church


Rippey City Council

The city council meets the first Monday of the month.
Address: PO Box 230
Rippey, IA 50235-0230
Mayor: Dan Brubaker
City Clerk: Mary Millard
Council Members:
Garry Higgins
Donnie Carpenter,who replaced Gail Monthei after his resignation
Rick Liebich
Jon Allen
Ned Johnston

Washington Township Trustees

Jean Borgeson, Township Clerk
Mary Hick,Chairman
Roger Norgren, elected November 6, 2012 for four years; re-elected for four years at the General Election, November 5, 2016
Tod Contner,elected November 6, 2012 for four years; re-elected for four years at the General Election, November  5, 2016

The Washington Township Trustees fund the Rippey Fire Department. The City of Rippey provides the building and the upkeep of the building. The township buys the trucks, pays for equipment, upkeep and repairs, and insurance on the trucks.
The trustees are elected by the voters of Washington Township.
Fire Chief: Pete Johnson
The Washington Township Trustees are also responsible for the upkeep of the three cemeteries, Rippey, Old Rippey, and Bowers/Angus.
Rippey Sexton: Roger Norgren
Bowers/Angus and Old Rippey Sexton: Dick Bardole
The trustees levy separate taxes for the cemetery and fire department.



A 501 (c)(3) not for profit formed to assist the Rippey community with service projects.


Mary Weaver, President
Dale Hanaman, Vice President
Mary Hick, Secretary
Sharon Ulrich, Treasurer

Board Members:

Jean Borgeson
Kevin Hick
Ned Johnston
Roger &Coleen Norgren
Phil & Toni Roberts
Dick & Janice Schlicht
Dale & DeAnn Thompson
Dennis Ulrich
Gary Weaver