GC Godzilla’s Lego Club

            Jean Borgeson attended the newly formed Greene County Godzilla’s Lego Club pre-contest practice on Friday evening, December 8, 2017 at the Greene County Extension Office in Jefferson. The five boys, including grandson, Kale, had been meeting weekly for six weeks or so to build and program a robot.  This robot had 2 1/2 minutes to complete several different tasks to overcome problems with water.  This was a chance for the boys to practice in front of their parents, siblings and grandparents and to show what they needed to do for the contest.

            They presented a skit about water quality and I think there are some budding actors in the bunch.  Watching the team work together in their maneuvers, trying to beat the clock with their robot was exciting, especially when they beat the clock! 

            They competed on Saturday at the Lego League competition at the Science Center and won the Robot Performance Award!  From the reactions and updates I was getting, there were some excited Greene County folks who attended this event. They are ready to start a new project in March! 

            Jean chose to attend the basketball game in Ogden on Saturday morning, as another grandson, Seth, was playing.  No less exciting, though!